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Our Mission:

Beyond Touring was founded to offer you an authentic ecotourism opportunity to Belize. We strive to provide you with a meaningful, time and money-saving travel experience that enhances and gives back to the areas you visit through community development as well as archaeological and biological research.

Dear Interested Traveler:
Whether you’re a seasoned Belize visitor or your seeing Belize for the first time we would love to help you see Belize from our perspective.  Beyond Touring offers first-class ecotours and programs exclusively to Belize.  We specialize in one country and have been in Belize for over 10 years, as the owner my intent is to offer a high-end exclusive ecotourism opportunity that generates funding for local community development.  Certainly we offer the chance to see the diverse natural and cultural history of Belize including, tropical forests, coral reefs, ancient Maya ruins, and caving.  In addition we offer authentic cross-cultural experiences through community development. 

I started Beyond Touring Inc. because of my love for the traveling public, the communities of Indian Church and San Carlos, Maya archaeology, and natural history.  I think we've been able to combine these four things to create a unique product that will change your outlook on life,
thank you for your interest.


Laura Howard

Owner/Developer Beyond Touring Inc.

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1) Exclusive BELIZE ecotours and programs, specialization like this provides you with a truly rewarding experience


2) Ecotourism and travel that truly is beneficial to the traveler, the local population, and the environment  

    ~ true ecotourism efforts are hard to measure, you will be able to see first-hand the library and other projects tourism has helped make possible

     ~ Beyond Touring Inc. strives to meet the following European Travel Commission definitions:

** Although the concept of eco-tourism is difficult to define, it does, however, have some consistent features:

  • The destination itself is usually an unpolluted natural area.
  • Its attractions are the flora and fauna, and its entire bio-diversity.
  • Eco-tourism should support the local economy and its indigenous atmosphere.
  • It should contribute to the preservation of the environment, and promote the importance of conserving nature.
  • 'Eco-trips' often include a learning experience.

Eco-tourism is often confused with sustainable tourism.  Whilst eco-tourism is a form of tourism (like sports, health, beach, cultural or adventure tourism), the concept of sustainable development should be applied to all these forms of tourism.  If the principles of sustainability are applied, then the type of tourism can be called sustainable tourism - therefore it can apply to all tourism activities.


3) Behind the scenes and first-hand information regarding the most recent archaeological & biological finds at Lamanai and other pertinent Belize archaeological sites, with:  

    ~ access to archaeological collections not available to the general public

    ~ lectures and presentations (both field and lab) from researchers when available

    ~ meaningful ruins tours that provide a fun and highly educational experience


4) Easy and safe access to the off the beaten path destination of Indian Church and San Carlos Villages in the Orange Walk District in northern Belize, which may:  

    ~ cause you to reflect on the life you lead in a completely different manner

     ~ inspire you and those you are with to strive to help others less fortunate

     ~ be the best part of your vacation


5) First-class reasonably priced all-inclusive ecotours that:  

     ~ allow you to maximize your vacation time by traveling the quickest and best routes

     ~ save you money and hassles by arranging things prior to departure by individuals who know the country

     ~ WILL allow you to see the best Belize has to offer for the best price in the least amount of time


Belize Eco-Tourism Association (BETA) –

Belize Audubon Society (BAS) – c/o Emory King - 

Broward County Audubon Society, Florida -  

Society of American Archaeology (SAA) -

Public Education Committee (PEC) -



Ruben Arevalo – Belize Master Naturalist & Birding Guide
Pictured Above Also

Licensed by the governing body of the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) for over 10 years Ruben is a highly experienced guide in both cultural and natural history. He grew up in northern Belize, in Indian Church Village, which is in the Orange Walk District. Ruben was an integral part in the successful development of the Lamanai Outpost Lodge. Living and working in the natural history tourism sector 24/7 for over 12 years. Ruben has been fortunate to work with some of the top scientist in world, including: Drs. Graham and Pendergast (PI’s Lamanai Archaeological Project, former Archaeological Commissioner (Graham), sometimes referred to as “Father of Belizean Archaeology” (Pendergast); Fiona Reid, field biologist and author of “A Field Guide to the Mammals of Central America and Southeast Mexico”; one of the world’s foremost authorities on bats Dr. Brock Fenton; and top bird guides from Field Guides, Wings, and BirdTreks.

The area Ruben grew up in has over 400 bird species within a 3-mile radius. Probably one of Ruben’s most important skills for birding is his keen ear, he has the ability to hear a bird’s call or song, identify the species, and then expertly locate it (and expertly point it out, not just over by the green tree)! Ruben has a great knowledge of all of Belize’s birds but his area of expertise is Lamanai.


Lorena Lopez-Stanchly – Lamanai South Lodge Hostess

Lorena has also worked in Belize’s tourism industry for over 10 years. She served as head chef at Lamanai Outpost for 8 years. The experience she gained there is invaluable and she learned to offer a mix of Belize’s top dishes that include: chimole, escabache, and ceviche along with American favorites such as baked chicken, quesidillas, and burritos. She is now the head chef at Lamanai South Lodge and she also helps serve the needs of visitors to the lodge.

She also serves a very important position in Indian Church Village as the part-time head librarian. She runs the literacy programs, after school reading program, special events, and also helps to organize the scholarship program (book inventory, meetings, and community service hours).


Ms. Sonia Arevalo–Indian Church Village Librarian

Ms. Arevalo serves a very important position in the community of Indian Church Village as the part-time head librarian. She runs the literacy programs, after school reading program, special events, and also helps to organize the scholarship program (book inventory, meetings, and community service hours).  She coordinates our library efforts with L. Howard and the Belize National Library Service (BNLS) located in Belize City; she has also participated in a two-day training course offered by BNLS.

Ms. Arevalo has been involved in the tourism industry for over 7 years when she was a full time employee of Lamanai Outpost Lodge.  We are very lucky to have her!


Karen Pierce - Community Service Advisor

Karen has been working in Belize for over 8 years. She is the director of the Indian Church Village Development Project; she is the main person in the still developing Indian Church Village Artisans. The project has been successful in constructing a building (British High Commission Grant); is the recipient of grants from SIF (Belize’s Social Investment Fund) and International & Local Rotary Grants; and also provides scholarships to interested students who graduate from IC Government School.

Karen holds a Masters’ of Fine Arts degree that includes a focus in the art of pre-Columbian cultures in Mesoamerica. She has worked closely with the Lamanai Archaeological Project including six weeks on Lamanai’s metallurgy project as well as production of architectural drawings of Lamanai’s residential zone. Karen also holds a degree in Interior Design & Architecture.

You will be fortunate to be exposed and if you choose to become involved, with some of the most rewarding ‘vacation’ experiences ever!


Scholarship Students - Indian Church Village

These students help to make your visit to the Lamanai area very rewarding. They work very hard and have been granted scholarships to attend school from the dedicated hard work of Karen Pierce (see below) and the organization S.H.A.R.E. There school week is nothing like that of US students, because there is no school near their remote village of Indian Church (adjacent to Lamanai), they must take the bus and stay the week near their school.

These students will show you around their village and tell you about their culturally rich life!

This truly is a wonderful program and Beyond Touring and people like you who chose to go to Belize with us will continue to support this effort!

Pictured from left to right:

Irene Ruano, Leslie Arevalo, Brenda Arevalo, Sandra Lorena Garcia, Rosibel Useda, Rutilia Useda,  Elizabeth Regalado, Rosibel Useda, Marvin Ruano, Jorge Ruano, Karen Gonzalez, Areli Ramos

Not pictured: Edgar Oroman


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