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Las Orquideas Women’s Group – Indian Church Village, BELIZE

Successful restaurant women’s co-op effort
for over 10 years

• Original funding Canadian Funds for Local Initiatives (CFLI)

• Grinding mill provides many homes with affordable masa (ground corn) for local cooking and consumption (as well as their restaurant)

• Provide food and meeting facilities for Lamanai Archaeological Project’s Field School

This is a model project that has been successful and our hope is that Beyond Touring through its efforts can assist these hardworking ladies that work well together.



  • Profits from this endeavor are split evenly between three different groups of woman (between 3 – 6) who rotate their work schedule.

  • Since they work every 3rd week the income is not exceptional but it surely helps to supplement their family’s income.

  • They serve traditional Belizean food: 

- Rice and beans (or beans and rice, both are available!)

- Stewed chicken

- Empanadas

- Tamales

- Salbutes


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