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Below is a short history of the library project: if calling f/ the US all Belize ph numbers need to be proceeded by 011.501)

The library has been developed to promote literacy and increase the awareness of the importance of education.  At this time it focuses on the youth but adult programs are also being developed.

1) The library itself is a structure that belongs to the Orange Walk Department of Education (Belize) and has been allocated to the village for use as a library (July 2004).  It was originally built by the Peace Corps for the housing of a volunteer.  Individuals who hold supporting documents (signed and stamped with the departments seal) are Mrs. Marina Arevalo (Indian Church resident, 309.1015), Ms. Rubiceli Verela (OW Dept. of Education, 322.2267), and Laura Howard (Beyond Touring, 954.415.2897).

2) The library building was first renovated in July 2004 by Eduardo Bautista with:  a new porch (zinc roof/posts and cement block border); a new interior ceiling, insulation/protection of a plywood interior wall, painting both inside and out; new seals/borders and screens on windows; sealants and repairs to the roof; and protection against termites and woodborers.  Furniture that was built for the library includes:  two large shelves that extend from the floor to the ceiling; two small benches and tables built for children; nine wooden chairs and three tables for adults; central shelving around the interior perimeter; and a blackboard.

3) In July 2006 the library was expanded on with a 10' x 16' addition, again built by Eduardo Bautista.  The extension was built off the east, with slated windows on each side an interior door and a new back door.  A small porch was also constructed off the back/east side.

This work would not have been possible without the following individuals and organizations in Indian Church Village:

Greg Szalay
Las Orchidias
Ophelia Zepeda
Olivia Gonzalez
Betty Ruano
Marina Arevalo
Paula Corado
Guillermo Ramos (and son)
Ruben Arevalo
Ilder Zepeda
Eduardo Ruano
George Ruano
Ms. Cruz

Cecilia Ruano
Jorge Vasquez
Oscar Ruano
Santos (and son)
Manuel Corado
Isias Gonzalez

Elena Gonzalez
Elizabeth Regalado


4) Programs the library currently runs include a youth Summer Reading Incentive Program, Adult Literacy Program (not yet implemented), after school programs, and study hours for scholarship students.  The library is currently open four days a week and a total of 18 hours; 4 hours paid by BNLS and 14 by private donations, librarian position is currently held by Sonia Arevalo and the past librarian was Lorena Lopez.

Thus far we would like to SEND MANY THANKS to the following individuals & organizations:

·          Project Oasis – Christiana and John Stich (, and Marie Venezia (, for donations of books and money.

·          Peace Corps – Matthew Miller (, 223.1771), for providing an APO mailing address that is much quicker.

·          Orange Walk Department of Education – Ms. Janet, Ms. Rubiceli Varela and Mr. Carballo, for assisting with supply payments and providing a structure for the library (322.2267).

·          Mr. Ismael Cal – (, 610.3629 or 3417) – Orange Walk Area Representative, for assisting with payments for supplies to L & R Imports in Orange Walk.

·          Mr. Shannon Self – (Commercial Law Group,, wk 405.232.3001, hm 232.3035), for donation of funds for structural improvements AND the addition to the library building.

·          Mr. & Mrs. Webster – (, for donation of funds for structural improvements to the library building.

·          S.H.A.R.E. , Les Frayne (, for donation of books.

·          Belize’s National Library Services (BNLS) – Ms. Lucy Castillo (, 223.4248 or 4249) overall support that includes the CATALOGING OF ALL BOOKS THE LIBRARY OWNS AND LIBRARIAN TRAINING.

·          Eduardo and Elodia Bautista – (, 322.3701) for the renovation repairs that have been conducted thus far on the library and for support and guidance on the layout and maintenance of the building.

·          Oklahoma Explorers – Harbour Winn ( Middle School Student Group from Oklahoma City, OK, USA, donation of books and labor (painting).

·          Carolyn and Bill Fuller – ( for donation of funds for books and building renovations.

·          Ruben Arevalo – (, 309.1015) for assistance with construction, transport, and guidance.

·          Other thanks also goes out to Karen Pierce (, Claude and Louise Belanger (, and Indian Church Village Residents for their help painting and planning as well as guidance and assistance with this project.

·          Sonia Arevalo and Lorena Lopez-Stanchly – Librarians who are present day in and day out for the real day to day running of the library

·          Other individuals to thank include:

Josh Fairchild
Morgan Baker (Katrina)
Mary & Mike Cirks
Clarence & Nancy Munson
Betty Rowe
Ellen Howells
David Pendergast
Elizabeth Graham
Margie & Bob Skinner
Thomas Rainwater
Thomas Hiers
Anna & James Rainwater
Christian Maire
Pat & Stacie Mallas
Marty & Ellen Main
Joan & Dale Langfoss
Shelia Hall
Summit Middle School
Christine White
Lou Densmore
Altamont School Group

Skylar Steele  
Norbert & Lorena Stanchly
Jean Borchardt
Howard Weisenberg
Read Family
Chappell Family
R. Knutilla
Larry Wolfe
Malaspina Geography Field School
Mike & Elizabeth Howard
Kathy Lannert

If you would like to continue to help and get the library open please contact me:

 Laura Howard -  3036 Lake Shore Drive, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
954.415.2897  Email:





Sonia A., Indian Church Village Librarian

This is the front of the library before it was fitted with a porch roof, new screen and concrete blocks that now border the outside area. Pictured is Eduardo Bautista and his wife. Also note the new chairs and benches that were constructed in Orange Walk prior to the work in Indian Church.
Work on the inside of the library consisted of a new ceiling, placement of plywood around the entire perimeter, paint was applied to all surfaces, and the doors were secured with new locks. Interior furniture consisted of children's tables and benches, adult tables and chairs, and as much shelving as possible. 
Exterior work primarily consisted of new paint, a porch addition and new screens were placed on all windows. Furniture work may include an addition to the back of the structure.






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