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Belize Vacation
  • Over 540 species of birds call the small country of Belize home (the entire US has only 200 more species)

  • The tropical birding in Belize is varied & diverse & includes toucans, cotingas, parrots and motmots

  • Belize Vacation - Diverse & Varied Geography: Low elevation Maya Mountains; pine ridge; broadleaf forest; savannah areas; riverine systems; and cayes (islands)

The most beautifully decorated birds in the world are located in the tropics & you can see these on your Belize vacation with us!

Belize Vacation

By Choosing our Birding Focus Belize Vacation you:

* will expericene a diverse & fascinating country just slightly over 2 hours from Houston and Miami

* will feel comfortable whether you speak Spanish or not because English is the official language

* will benefit from our extensive years & experience in Belize vacation packages, from our diligent work that maximizes your vacation time to offering you memories that last a lifetime

* will assist with a rewarding & meaningful grass roots community project (link to:

Belize Vacation

Your Your Birding Focus Belize Vacation Details...

  • All Belize vacation packages are fun, secure, & appropriate for couples, families, & groups

  • All trips are private, Premier-class and include EVERYTHING once in Belize

  • Flexible departure dates to fit your needs

  •  All Belize vacation packages can be customized - Just let us know what would make you happy!

Birding Focus: Belize Vacation Excerpts - Meet & Greet Belize International Airport
- Two-hour journey, road & river to Jungle Lodge

- An hour safari up the New River - Possible Birds:

Five species of King Fishers are possible, Black-collared Hawk, Boat- billed and Agami Herons, Tropical & Couch's Kingbird, & Mangrove Swallow

- Night spotlight safari, exciting excursion, great views of:
Pygmy Kingfishers, Grey-necked Wood-Rails, Purple Gallinules, & Limpkins (may also see a Tyra, Kinkajou, Mexican Hairy Porcupine, & one-eyed Opposumms)

- And much, much more on your Belize vacation...

WCS species listing & distribution maps link:

Comprehensive site on the flora & fauna of Belize:


Belize Vacation
"You did your utmost to make our Belize vacation experience fruitful and entertaining. It was truly a wonderful and memorable experience. Please reiterate to each and everyone of the staff, those we saw and those behind the scenes my gratitude. With warm regards."

~ J. Pour
Belize Vacation
Birding Focus

Belize Vacation Itinerary

8 Day Belize Vacation  Barrier Reef, Lamanai, & Pook's Hill Detailed Itinerary & Buy Online Now
8 Day Belize Vacation Tikal, Lamanai, & Pook's Hill Detailed Itinerary & Buy Online Now

Listen to bird calls of some of the birds in the surrounding Lamanai Area
Laughing Falcon
Un-Identified Bird
See this video about Belize's Black Howler Monkeys (Alouata pigra), a guaranteed sighting at Lamanai

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