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Things for You to Consider:

• We can help you with your Belize student trip, you don’t need to do all the work, we will!

• You’ll get the benefit of our numerous years and life in Belize.

• Your program includes EVERYTHING once you arrive in Belize.

ONE FREE Organizer/Instructor with 10 students

• Your group will be assisting with a meaningful project that gives back to Belize and its wonderful people, very rewarding!

Belize is safe, close to home, and a fascinating country YOU WILL LOVE.


• will experience a diverse & fascinating country just slightly over 2 hours from Houston and Miami

• will feel comfortable whether you speak Spanish or not because English is the official language

• will benefit from our extensive years & experience in Belize, from our diligent work that maximizes your vacation time to offering you memories that last a lifetime

• will assist with a rewarding & meaningful grass roots ecotourism community project


  • Instructors/Guides: L. Howard, M.S. Anthropology & R. Arevalo BTB Licensed Master Naturalist

  • Behind-the-scenes insight to the Lamanai Archaeological Project (pre-trip documentation & consultation)

  • Hands-on artifact analysis workshop


  • 19th Century British Sugar Mill & 17th Century Spanish Churches

  • Authentic & Intriguing Cross-Culture Interaction w/ Community Development Project

  • Ancient & Modern Maya cooking techniques (includes lunch in Indian Church Village, Olivia Gonzalez’s home)

  • Founder of Beyond Touring holds a Masters’ of Science in Anthropology, with 10 years in Belize - everyone will love this trip!

  • With other authentic & exciting things that set us apart from other Belize operators ……….AND most important

Extraordinary Belizeans, who, LIKE YOU, make this all possible

~ We are Here for You & Your Students ~



Student All-Inclusive Educational Packages

Detailed  Itinerary 

9 Day -
Archaeology & Rainforest Ecology
Detailed Itinerary & Buy Online Now
9 Day - Archaeology, Rainforest, & Marine Ecology Detailed Itinerary & Buy Online Now

Heydon H., Alabama Student
- Her Belize vacation experience

"I want to let you know how much Heydon has enjoyed Belize. It was such a lifetime opportunity! I knew the trip to Belize would be wonderful, but I didn't realize it would make such a strong impressions on Heydon. She came back a different person. She has not quit talking about the experiences....not only that she learned the names of so many species of animals, loved snorkeling, appreciated the ruins, enjoyed learning about the Belizian life style and meeting the people. She now realizes how fortunate we are here in America, while understanding how the quality of life in Belize has so many advantages over our fast-paced lifestyle here. Thank you for this!! It is education at its best!"

~ R. Hatcher (see her daughter's video)

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